Arizona Section Sustaining Members

SMG Advanced Energy Ideas Ron Kotloff
SMC City of Glendale John Mickel
SMC City of Phoenix Dean Umberger
SMC Creative Designs in Lighting Walter Spitz
SMC Earth Protection Services, Inc. John Chilcott
SMC Arizona Section IES c/o Arizona Dept of Commerce Jim Westberg
SMC Lighting Design Resources Inc Pam Ackermann
SMC Lighting Sciences Inc Ian Lewin
SMC LSW Engineers Arizona, Incorporated Natalene Tso
SMC R C Lurie Co Inc Darryl Gregg
SMC Salt River Project Lori Jones
SMC Sky Cast, LLC Jeff Clark
SMC Monrad Engineering, Inc. Christian Monrad
SMC R A Alcala & Associates Inc Robert Alcala
SMG IOTA Engineering, LLC Richard Rheingruber

Membership Classifications


Shall be a graduate from an accredited four year program with a degree in the art or science of illumination. In addition, the applicant should be actively engaged for at least five years in a professional capacity in a field related to illumination OR have made some valuable contribution to the art or science of illuminating engineering or to its literature


Be actively engaged for at least ten years in the practice or teaching of illumination or directly related fields


Have made some valuable contribution to the art or science of illuminating engineering or to its literature.


Be actively engaged for at least ten years (with LC, eight years) in the practice or teaching of illumination or directly related fields.


Shall be interested in the mission of the Society and be at least eighteen years of age. An Associate is entitled to all current privileges and beneftits, but shall not serve on the Board of Directors, as a Regional Vice President, or as a Committee Chairperson.


(Member or Associate grade) IESNA offers individual members the chance to receive the Lighting Library as part of an individual membership status. All Individual Subscribing Members are entitled to the same privileges as a Member or Associate Member. Annual dues are $550 for the first year and $350 for the subsequent years. Membership includes the entire IESNA Lighting Library (over 50 publications) and the Lighting Handbook at the initial time of enrollment. SUBSEQUENT enrollment includes updated publications during the dues year.


Shall be registered full-time in a college or university for study toward a degree in engineering, science, fine arts, architecture, interior design or other related fields, or enrolled full-time in an accredited two year technical school whose curriculum is related to illumination. A Student shall be entitled to all current privileges and benefits, but shall not have the right to vote or to hold elective office, except in a Student Chapter.


The organization or individual must have an interest in the purpose of the Illuminating Engineering Society and a desire to support this effort. If you or your company is interested in Sustaining Membership, please contact the IESNA office, (212-248-5000, x117, 125 or 101) for details.

As a Sustaining Member of the IESNA, you provide the additional support that enables the Society to carry out its mission. The IESNA works closely with the Sustaining Membership to make important contributions to technical, educational, and research activities. In addition to the benefits of individual membership, sustaining membership provides:

  • Complimentary copies of the IESNA Lighting Library (valued at over $2100)
  • Tax deductible contributions supporting activities crucial to the advancement of the industry
  • Company membership plaque
  • Use of the IESNA Sustaining Membership Logo
  • Professional development opportunities for employees
  • Recognition at Society and industry events
  • Recognition in each issue of LD+A (Silver level and above), highlighted listing in LD+A’s Lighting Equipment and Accessories Directory issue as well as the IESNA annual report.
  • Opportunity for sponsorship at the IESNA Annual Conference